360 VR Cinema

360 VR Cinema

Enjoy Immersive Virtual Reality Videos with VR Cinema Hire.

Capable of supporting up to 200 people, Virtual Reality Cinema is a virtual reality theatre that is perfect for showcasing virtual reality video content simultaneously to large or small groups of people.

It is perfect for Product Launches, Training and Education, Marketing, Group-Based events, or any other occasion where you require multiple people to simultaneously view the same 360° degree video.

How does it work

Each person is provided with a virtual reality headset, and to ensure all headsets are perfectly synchronised, we use an Android tablet to control the play, stop, and pause features on each headset. 

Suitable for 

Oculus Go and Oculus Quest VR headsets


360° VR Cinema is available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Space Requirements

At least 1 square meter per headset.

Power Requirements



Suitable for ages 5+ 


Technically trained staff are required to manage and operate 360° VR Cinema. ExtremeVR can provide you with staff if you don`t already have your own. 

Technical Support

ExtremeVR provides phone-based technical support for the full duration of your hire. And we can take care of set-up and installation at your event venue.

And if required, we can also supply on-site technical staff as well as brand ambassadors. 

Please contact ExtremeVR for further information or to make a booking.

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