Closest to the Pin VR Golf Simulator

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If you love golf, then you will love Closest to the Pin VR Golf Simulator. Developed to mimic the real-world game, you are standing on the tee, and 110 meters away in the distance you see the pin. 

You have a five tee shots and only twenty seconds per shot to place a golf ball as close to the pin as you possibly can. The closer your ball lands to the pin, the higher your score will be. The person with the highest score after five tee shots is crowned the winner. 

During your game, you will encounter continuously changing wind speeds and directions, sand bunkers, trees and game physics that require you to strike the golf ball as though you were on a real-life golf course.

It comes with an in-game leader board and data capture capabilities to record basic details of each player, the total number of players and individual player scores. 

Game Objective

Each player has five attempts, and twenty seconds per attempt to hit the golf ball as close to the pin as possible. Points are awarded based on how close each ball lands to the pin, the closer your ball lands to the pin, the higher your score. The person with the highest overall score wins the game. 

Branded Game

Closest to the Pin VR Golf Simulator is one of our branded games. It gives you the ability to add your company logos and branding across several key visual positions within the game. These include the leaderboard, the ground at the front of the tee, and advertising boards located at the front of the tee. 

When a player is wearing the VR headset, they will see your brands and logos throughout the game. And with Closest to the Pin VR Golf Simulator, we can display what the person wearing the headset is seeing and doing in the game onto a large external screen for everyone else to see. 


In-game leader board | Capture and export of player data | Customise with your own branding.


Available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, as well as all regional locations. 

Space Requirements

At least 2.5 square meters of free space 

Power Requirements

Access to at least one 240 volt power outlet


Suitable for ages 13+ 


Closest to the Pin VR Golf Simulator requires at least one staff member to operate. ExtremeVR can supply your event with trained brand ambassadors if needed. 

Technical Support

ExtremeVR provides phone-based technical support with every hire and can include onsite support if required. 

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