Frequently Asked Questions

We have both single and multiplayer games available for hire.
For further information about what games we have available please speak with one of the team at ExtremeVR.

The amount of space required for each virtual reality headset can range from 1 square meter to 3 square meters and is determined by the type of game being played. For example, if you are playing virtual reality tennis then 3 square meters would be required. Or if you doing virtual reality rock climbing then 1 square meter of space would be required. In short, if a virtual reality game requires a large amount of arm and leg movement then a larger play area is required. And if a virtual reality game requires a small amount of arm and leg movement then a smaller play area is required. 

For further information please feel free to contact one of the team at ExtremeVR. 

Both Touchscreen and Reaction Wall Games require at least 1 square meter of floor space. 
If you have limited space available then Touchscreen and Reaction Wall games are the perfect choice. 

Yes, our interactive games and experiences give you the ability to capture client leads during an event. We use a simple log in screen at the beginning of each game to capture player data which can be exported to Microsoft Excel once your event has finished. You can also mix and match what player data you would like to capture. For example, name, email, phone number or name, email, department etc..

Yes, ExtremeVR can supply brand ambassadors to manage and operate our equipment for the full duration of your event. 
We can also supply onsite technical support staff if required. 

Different headsets require different power supplies, for example -

- Oculus Go VR headsets can be charged from a 240 volt power outlet and the hand controller uses a AA battery. 
- Oculus Quest VR headsets can be charged from a 240 volt power outlet and the hand controllers use a AA batteries. 
- Oculus Rift S requires at least 1 x 240 volt standard power outlet. 
- HTC Vive requires at least 1 x 240 volt standard power outlet. 

All of our electrical equipment, including power boards and electrical leads are tested and tagged prior to being hired out to our customers. 

Here at ExtremeVR we value safety and hygiene as our top two priorities. 

During an event we will wipe down the virtual reality headsets and hand controllers with antibacterial wipes after each person has finished using them. All keyboards and mice as well as interactive touchscreens and sports simulators are cleaned using antibacterial wipes after each person has finished playing their game. And then after every event we remove the VR headset face shields and head straps and wash them with antibacterial and anti-fungal laundry detergent. And we clean the hand controllers and headsets using antibacterial wipes. 

Yes you can hire more then one type of game for a multi-day event and use one game on the first day, the second game on the second day and a third game on the third day etc.. You can also switch between games at any time during your event if you find one game is more popular then another. 

Hybrid Games can be thought of as being traditional Sport Simulators that have been modernised using a combination of virtual reality sensors and a large display screen mounted on a robust metal stand. A player uses virtual reality hand controllers or foot sensors to interact with the game in real time. Virtual Reality headsets are not required with Hybrid games making them a shared experience between the game player and passes by. 

360 VR Cinema allows multiple people each wearing a virtual reality headset to simultaneously view 360 degree video content in a group environment. It is an ideal choice for travel exhibitions, trade shows, activation of corporate brands, film festivals and education.

Sports Simulators require at least 2 - 3 square meters of available space. 

Yes, you can rent virtual reality headsets for a private function anywhere in Australia. 

We have two virtual reality rental options available -
1. Virtual reality rental with ExtremeVR staff included.
2. Virtual reality rental without ExtremeVR staff included. 

Option 1.  Virtual reality rental with ExtremeVR staff included means that when you rent our virtual headsets, you have asked ExtremeVR to supply one or more of our trained staff.

Our staff will take care of everything for you, including setting up the virtual reality headsets, managing and operating the equipment as well as providing technical support for the full duration of your event. 

Option 2. Virtual reality rental without ExtremeVR staff included means that ExtremeVR will configure our virtual reality headsets to suit your requirements and then ship them to you using our door to door courier service.

How this works is very simple; you choose the type and number of virtual reality headsets you would like to hire as well as what virtual reality content you would like installed onto the headset.

ExtremeVR then configures the headsets and packs then safely and securely into one of our travel cases. We then organise a courier to pick up the travel case and deliver to your chosen delivery location.

We will always ship our headsets so that they arrive at least one day before your event date, giving you enough time to get used to using the headsets and call ExtremeVR if you have any questions.

You then use the headsets at your event and pack them back into the travel case ready to be picked up by the courier the following day.

If your event falls on a Friday or over a weekend, ExtremeVR will organise a courier to pick up the travel case the following Monday.

Yes you can wear your glasses with all of our different types of virtual reality headsets. 
The only limiting factor would be if the physical size of your glasses is larger then the space in the virtual reality headset. 

Yes we do provide technical support with every type product we hire.

We understand that the last thing you want to deal with are technical issues that may occur with the equipment you hire from ExtremeVR. Therefore we include phone based technical support for the full duration of every hire booking. 

Our technical support staff are available 7 days a week so that you can be assured a trained technical support team member is ready an available if you need them. And we only use technically trained staff to bump-in and set up the equipment you hire.

If you require onsite technical support for your event then we are also able to assist you by supplying onsite support staff for the full duration of your hire. 

Yes, all ExtremeVR developed Virtual Reality, Touchscreen, Reaction Wall and Sports Simulator games come with the following standard features - 
- Ability to add your own logos and branding into the game.
- Capture and export of player data such as name, email, phone number, company etc.. 
- In-game leader board.

Here at ExtremeVR, we carry the latest in virtual reality headset technology and brands, including Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go and HTC Vive. Oculus Go and Oculus Quest are both mobile all-in-one virtual reality headsets, meaning they don’t require a cable connected to an external computer to operate.

Everything is self-contained in the headset, making the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest both portable and very easy to set up and use. Interaction with both headsets is through hand-held controllers, and like the headsets, the hand controllers are self-contained and simple to use.

Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive are tethered virtual reality headsets; this means the headset is connected to an external computer via a cable attached to the headset. It is the external computer that powers the headset giving the user a superior virtual reality experience. And like our mobile headsets, the Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive use hand-held controllers to interact with virtual reality games and experiences.

Both Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive rental is available with or without a VR compatible computer, a 32” – 55” display screen with stand and preinstalled content. All electrical cables and accessories, including tripods for the HTC Vive, are provided as standard with all rental bookings, and all electrical cables are tested and tagged. 

There is a comprehensive library of over 1000 titles to choose from, so you can be assured there will be game or experience suitable for nearly every type of event or theme. And if required, ExtremeVR can take care of pre-loading your custom content or installing one of the many off-the-shelf Oculus or HTC Vive titles. 

ExtremeVR supply products and services to all metropolitan and regional locations throughout Australia 7 days a week. 

Yes you can mix and match any of our products and services to suit the needs of your event. 

ExtremeVR have a team of in-house software developers and we are able to work with you to develop a bespoke game or experience to suit your specific requirements.  

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