360° VR Theatre

360° VR Theatre

Enjoy Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences with 360° VR Theatre.

Capable of supporting up to 60 people, 360° VR Theatre is a virtual reality theatre that is perfect for showcasing immersive VR content to large or small groups of people. It is ideal for Product Launches, Training, Education, Marketing, and Group-Based events.

How does it work?

Each person is provided with a virtual reality headset that is linked to a central control tablet. The control tablet manages the VR content shown in the VR headsets and can control all VR headsets as a group or each VR headset individually. 

What are 360° Videos and Images? 

A conventional video or image is viewed using a traditional 2D flat-screen device, such as a TV or computer monitor. 360° videos and images have been recorded using a particular type of camera that captures a full 360° view of the world. 

360° videos and images immerse the viewer into the world they are watching and transports them to the exact time and location where the footage was captured. 

For example, the Amazon rain forests, swimming with sharks on The Great Barrier Reef, or even meditating by a tranquil stream. 


360° VR Theatre is available in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Space Requirements

At least 1 square meter per headset

Power Requirements

240-volt for recharging the VR headsets


Suitable for ages 5+ 


Technically trained staff are required to manage and operate 360° VR Theatre. ExtremeVR can provide you with staff if you don`t already have your own. 

Technical Support

ExtremeVR provides phone-based or on-site technical support, and we can take care of set-up and installation at your event venue. 

Please feel free to get in touch via our Contact page if you have any questions or would like further information. 

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