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FLIP Picture Memory Game Hire. 

FLIP is a picture memory game that challenges your ability to memorise image pairs and locations. It is Competitive, Addictive and Loads of Fun to Play.  

Game Objective

You have 30 seconds to memorise image pairs as well as their locations on the board. Then after 30 seconds all of the cards FLIP over, and you have one minute to match as many card pairs as possible before your time is up. The winner is the player that matches as most pairs in the shortest amount of time.  


FLIP features capturing and exporting of player data, an in-game leaderboard to display the top ten scores, and the ability to add your own branding throughout the game.

Hire with the choice of a 32", 42" or 55" commercial-grade touchscreen mounted on a robust all-metal stand. Or if you have your own equipment, simply rent a game licence. 

Branded Game

FLIP is one of our branded games, and we can quickly and easily rebrand FLIP to display your logos or product images in key visual positions throughout the game. 

FLIP gives you the ability to showcase your brand or products to your audience, increasing brand memorability, and brand recognition.  


Flexible rental packages are available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Regional Australia. 

Suitable for 

Office Entertainment, Trade Shows, Sporting Events, Corporate Events, Marketing and Promotions, Brand Engagement and Product Launches.

Space Requirements

1.5 square meters of free space is required.

Power Requirements



Suitable for ages 5+ 


FLIP is self-sufficient and does not require staff to manage and operate once installed at your event venue. 

Technical Support

Phone support is included with your hire, and we can also provide on-site technical support if required. Speak to your ExtremeVR representative about the level of support you need. 

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