360 VR Cinema Hire

360 VR Cinema

360 VR Cinema is a great way to show 360-degree video content simultaneously to large or small groups of people

With 360 VR Cinema each person has their own virtual reality headset to wear for the full duration of the 360 VR Cinema experience.

The virtual reality headsets are synchronised together using an Android tablet to ensure all headsets start, stop, play and pause altogether at the same time.

360 VR Cinema is perfect for product launches, staff training, marketing events or any other occasion where you require multiple people to watch the same 360-degree video simultaneously.

Technical support staff, brand ambassadors and bump-in and bump-out staff can be included in your hire booking.

And if you aren`t able to supply your own 360-degree video content, then ExtremeVR can assist with sourcing this for you.

For further information please contact the team at ExtremeVR today.

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