Speed Racer

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Speed Racer is a fast-paced Reaction Wall Game that requires fast reflexes and great hand-eye co-ordination

The objective of the game is to tap as many illuminated circles as possible before your time is up. The more illuminated circles a player taps, the higher their score. 

Speed Racer can be customised and gives you the ability to change game colours, add company logo`s and branding into the game, record and export player data and adjust game playtime. And it also comes with an in-game leader board for recording and displaying players scores.

Speed Racer can be hired with a commercial-grade interactive touchscreen mounted on a robust metal stand, or simply purchase a game license for use with your own interactive touchscreen.

Branded Game

Speed Racer is a branded reaction wall game that provides you with the ability to add your company logos and branding across several key locations within the game. Adding your very own branding will increase brand awareness and memorability with your audience. 


In-game leader board | Capture and export of player data | Modify game time | Customise with your branding


Speed Racer is available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, as well as all regional locations. 

Space Requirements

At least 1 square meter of free space 

Power Requirements

Access to at least one 240 volt power outlet


Suitable for ages 5+ 


Speed Racer is entirely self-sufficient and does not require staff to manage and operate during an event. 

Technical Support

Phone-based technical support will be available for the entire duration of your hire; and if required, we can provide onsite support staff. 

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