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AFL Handball is an interactive sports simulator that is fun, super easy to use, and excellent at striking up friendly competition between players.

Game Objective

AFL Handball is an interactive sports simulator that places you in the centre of a packed stadium full of cheering supporters. You only have a limited amount of time to handpass as many balls as possible to running and stationary computer-generated team members. The player with the most successful handpasses wins the game. 


Capture and export player data, and view the top ten players scores via an in-game leaderboard.

Hire with any of our commercial-grade touchscreens, or if you have your own equipment, rent a game licence. 

Branded Game

AFL Handball is one of our branded games, you have the ability to add your logos, product or brand images into the game. 

Having your branding displayed within the game places you directly in front of the game player and the background audience. 

And being able to rebrand AFL Handball provides you with a cost-effective way of presenting a custom branded game for your next event. 


Flexible hire options available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and Regional Australia.  

Space Requirements

2.5 square meters of free space is required.

Power Requirements



Suitable for ages 10+ 

Staffing and Technical Support 

AFL Handball requires at least one staff member to manage and operate during an event. And to make the booking process as easy as possible, we include the cost of supplying one of our trained team members in with your quote. 

Our team member will act as your onsite technical support and brand ambassador, saving you time and costs of providing your own additional staff. 

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