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Kick as many goals as possible before your time is up. During the game, players are moved around the field into different locations and at varying distances away from the goalposts. In addition to being moved around the field, the wind can increase or decrease in speed and change direction from left-right or right-left blowing the ball off course and ending up in the crowd or completely missing the goalposts. 

How does it work 

Our game is contactless, meaning players kick a virtual football through a set of virtual goalposts. This minimises the possibility of spreading germs between players because players don`t kick a real football or handle a real football in any way. Players simply wear a tracking device on their foot which simulates a football boot in the game; players look at the screen in front of them where they can see a football boot, a football and a set of goalposts. Then swinging their leg in a kicking motion, the player kicks the virtual ball through the virtual goalposts. 


The ability to capture and export player data, an in-game leaderboard to display the top ten players, and custom in-game branding.


Rugby League Penalty Shootout has been developed so that we can quickly and easily swap game colours between maroon and blue to represent Queensland and NSW for State of Origin games. And we can also change the opening screen to Rugby Union for any Rugby Union events. 

Branded Game

Add your logos, product or brand images into the game. Custom branding provides you with a cost-effective way of presenting a personalised game for your next event.   


Flexible hire options are available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and Regional Australia.    

Space Requirements

2.5 square meters of free space is required.  

Power Requirements



Suitable for ages 10+ 

Staffing and Technical Support 

Our Rugby League sports simulator requires at least one staff member to manage and operate during an event, and ExtremeVR can supply you with trained and professional staff. 

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