360 VR Cinema

360 VR Cinema

What is 360° VR Cinema?

360° VR Cinema gives you the ability to project 360° videos to large groups of people simultaneously in a simple and cost-effective way, 

You can control multiple VR headsets all at the same time, and even send messages to all heradsets or directly to individual members.

360° VR Cinema is scalable and is capable of supporting anywhere from 2 VR headsets, up to 200 VR headsets.  

And is perfect for group VR Training, VR Education, VR Travel, Product Promotions, group-based Event Entertainment, and even VR Meditation and Relaxation exercises.

What are 360° Videos and Images? 

A conventional video and image can be viewed using a traditional 2D flat screen, such as TV, a computer monitor, or any other type of flat-screen device.  But with 360° videos and images, you will require a VR headset to fully experience all that this new format has to offer. 

360° videos and images are captured using a special spherical shaped camera that has multiple lenses, giving it the ability to capture a complete 360° view of the world. Then using software, this footage is transformed into a spherical video or image. 

Being able to capture 360° videos and images, and present them to the viewer through a VR headset, can immerse the viewer into what they are watching, and transport them to the location of where the video or image was captured. 

For example, the Amazon rainforests, swimming with sharks on The Great Barrier Reef, or even meditating by a tranquil stream. 

VR Headset Hire 

To make the entire process as simple as possible, ExtremeVR can supply you with VR headsets that have 360° VR Cinema installed and pre-configured with your 360° videos or images. And if you don’t have your own 360 VR content, we can assist you with finding the most appropriate content for your event.


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